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All of our courses are bespoke and written to meet your needs, but here is a summary of some of the courses that we  currently offer. Please contact us if you cannot see what you are looking for.

Maths and Numerical Reasoning – KS3 

We have a range of excellent resources created by Google Certified Teacher Dave Ashton to develop Numerical Reasoning in Year 7, 8 and 9. To book a place to our Twilight courses and get these fantastic resources, click here.

The ultimate use of technology to transform PE lessons

There is much talk of using iPads and other devices to support the learning of PE, Physical Education? This course goes way beyond looking at a single device. We will look at transforming PE, improving and recording performance, taking registers digitally, setting up online coaching programmes, flipped lessons and more. With our focus on collaboration you will be also working with the best PE departments across the world. Are you fed up with the pain of setting up Dartfish? Then find out how to do performance analysis easily and quickly with a single mobile device. You will never have to demonstrate a left handed tennis stroke again! Best of all you do not need to be a technology ‘geek’ to do this!

The cross curricular PE and Science Course

PE is simply applied science so the two subjects could really be integrated. Find out how to improve performance by using scientific principles. We have worked with elite  football clubs like Arsenal on developing ‘The Physics of Football’ we can look at things like; How can you kick and throw a ball further?, Why is it easier to kick a ball further if it is rolling towards you rather than static?, How can you curl a football? These principles can be applied to all sports. There is a ‘science of surfing’ program that takes an engaging activity and uses it as the platform to deliver understanding of scientific concepts. Another collaborative course!

20 great strategies for Science Teachers:

Learn from the masters how to teach science for understanding, engagement and performance. Twenty great strategies that will: save you hours of marking, reduce behavioural problems, improve your ability to use ICT effectively, lead to better questioning, more effective practical work, improve your grades when observed and make your students work harder than you do.

Primary Science

Transform the way you deliver science at primary level to make it fun, much more effective, and without having to buy loads of expensive equipment. We will also look at concepts which can be difficult to teach, analysing why students (and teachers!) can struggle, and we will give new strategies that will also increase teacher understanding. As with all of our courses, collaboration will improve everyone’s ability to deliver effective and exciting science lessons.

Maths for understanding – Secondary

Maths is often one of the most unpopular subjects in secondary school, though, interestingly, science teachers are frequently the most unpopular! Part of the reason for this unpopularity is that for many learners, abstract maths and science concepts don’t make sense, nor fit into their world. This course is about how to engage the disengaged starting with reality and common sense. By the end of the course you will understand how to use SOLO taxonomy to take your students further than they could ever have imagined! This course is the antidote to the ‘turn to page 32 and answer the questions’ syndrome.

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