Slow Motion Slinky in Free Fall

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One of the most interesting demos in the IOP workshop “What Happens Next?” is the falling slinky and I think it might also be in the Marvin and Milo cards. Anyway, with modern technology more readily available in the pockets of our students you invariably get that when you introduce something like that at least three or four take their smartphones out and film the demonstration. When I did this in Exeter University a couple of weeks ago quite a few students used an iPhone 5/6 to take a slo-mo video. Below is the one I took.

So, that was pretty cool, but how about scaling this up a knotch? As always, the great Veritasium has some really good stuff on the slinky, so why not show this video of a supersized slinky in free fall? The explanation at the end is really worth watching and showing to your students.

This one is also worth showing, or indeed try it with your classes.

And finally the video below gives a really satisfying explanation of what is going on.

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