Science on Stage 2015 – Open Day

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Today it was Open Day at Science on Stage 2015, which meant a hoard of science teachers external to the festival joins us to see the ideas and projects brought by European educators. It was a really nice day, but very intense, so we didn’t have a chance to go around different stands at all, unfortunately. We will try to “Periscope” someone tomorrow morning before the closing ceremony.

The Plenary

We are not quite sure yet why plenary sessions run at the start of the day here at Science on Stage, but a nice project that was presented this morning was from Greece. This project used an old VCR and a TV to transmit the video signal wirelessly between the VCR and the TV. A second VCR with antenna eventually became the satellite receiving the past World Cup Highlights from Brazil and it retransmitted the signal back to the TV. It was a lovely demonstration that showed clearly and in an engaging way a difficult concept for learners.


Another lovely project was Growing Music, where primary school learners explored the properties of bamboo by making a playing musical instruments. They even performed for us!


Today we made it to the 3 min highlight session, so we were too busy to “Periscope” anyone there, but one thing is really worth mentioning. Matt Parker, the official Science on Stage Host, showed the audience his favourite spreadsheet, which contained an enormous amounts of cells all filled with numbers between 0 and 255. Matt also showed how he conditionally formatted all these cells to give different tones of green, red and blue. The “magic” started when he began to zoom out and all those cells formed his photo. This was the best representation of pixels we have ever seen and we absolutely loved it. The great news is that Matt made a version that allows you to upload your own images and download the spreadsheet already conditionally formatted for you. The image below was created using @standupmath’s amazing tool!

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 00.59.26


Light Express


The day ended with a really entertaining and informative show on laser technology with some pretty amazing facts about optical fibres at the end! We took some clips of the show and you can watch them below.


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