Numerical Reasoning for a medieval master mason

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Following from my previous post on Minecraft and Medieval Castles I have been thinking about other ideas to support numerical reasoning through the theme of medieval castles and using Minecraft. This time I started from a question I created in this PowerPoint presentation. The question targets Fractions, Percentages and Ratios and it should be suitable for a Yr6 child, although you can easily adapt it to other year groups.

Essentially the question asks the learners to help the master mason plan the castle knowing the fraction and percentages each room should be from the whole floor area. I believe this is similar in style to the questions that are likely to appear in the Numerical Reasoning Tests this May in Wales and I would be really grateful if you could leave some comments to tell me how you find this question and how your learners responded to it.

The PowerPoint doesn’t just give the question, but it is also a teaching tool to help learners see what sort of reasoning they could use to solve this question. You can use this resource in preparation to the tests and to generate good discussions in class. At the end the learners are invited to build the castle in Minecraft using the same measurements 🙂


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