New GCSE Physics and pressure in a gas

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We have been looking at the new AQA GCSE specifications for next year and we thought the example in the two photos below would support teachers in tackling the “Changing pressure in a gas” topic which is physics only and HT.

Note how the temperature of the air in the tube of the foot pump increases after only a few pumps. If you have other useful examples to illustrate how doing work on a gas increases its pressure/temperature, please add them in the comments. If you have suggestions that need the IR camera and you don’t have one, we will try to make those for you and post them here.


On the same theme of pressure in a gas, this video we took in slow motion shows quite nicely how pressure in a liquid increases with depth. It also shows how  the volume of a gas changes when pressure changes. I think we can assume that the Carbon Dioxide in the bubbles remains at relatively constant temperature as it rises in the bottle, so this is another good example to bring to students for the new GCSE specifications for pV = constant

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