National Digital Learning Awards 2014

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Today we had a nice surprise when a parcel arrived for CollaboratEd. In fact, the project we submitted at the Hwb National Digital Learning Awards this year in the Commercial Category was highly commended by the judges for the way it bridged the gap between poverty and academic achievement, as well as developing key literacy and numeracy skills.


So, what was our project about?

Well, we worked with some identified families at Maes Y Morfa Community School to get parents involved in their children’s learning by integrating technology in the time they spend with them. We were fortunate enough to be invited by Maes Y Morfa‘s inspirational Headteacher, Joe Cudd, to run this project and design a digital learning curriculum for these families. Our initial aim was to get families to work together using iPads and develop essential Literacy and Numeracy skills and never expected the fantastic response we got from learners and parents. From day one we knew that Mr Cudd’s vision was not only working in the time spent by the parents with their children in school, but that these families were really keen to carry on their learning at home. It was lovely to see how keen all parents were to work with their children and the activities they carried on at home as a family was further proof that this project was truly making a difference in their lives and in the Maes Y Morfa community. Learners’ motivation increased and the parents’ engagement with the school and their children’s education was just phenomenal. When you think that some of these parents went from not wanting to engage with the school in any shape or form, to taking an active role in producing learning resources with their children for other pupils at the school, this is definitely a success story.

How can you get involved?

If you work in a school that is part of a Communities First area, or you are looking to use your Pupil Deprivation Grant in ways that really make a difference, or if you are simply interested in running a similar project in your school, get in touch and we will be extremely pleased to run a programme tailored to the needs of your school and families.

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