Developing numeracy every day through group work

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I was reading this great Blog post by @MiddleWeb this morning about effective group work and the first idea at the top immediately made me think of a really effective way that this could be used to develop numeracy whenever you carry out group work.

Rewarding individual contributions

The above post suggests to give a certain number of points to each group and split those across the team members. So, you could have groups of three pupils and give 30 points to each group, i.e. 10 points to each learner. There is an opportunity to develop fractions and percentages already, as you can ask what percentage of the points, or what fraction, each pupil has. But the beauty of what the post proposes is that at the end of the activity each group decides how many of the total group points should each individual receive based on their contributions. The fraction/percentage for each pupil can now be recalculated.

Developing LNF skills in Wales

Try to change the number of pupils in the groups each time, e.g. have groups of 4 next time, so learners don’t just deal with the same percentages and fractions every time.

This strategy could be a fun and effective way to develop the skills in the “Developing Number Skills” strand and you could ask learners in year 4 and 5 to work out the fractions of their final points, or percentages from year 6 onward.

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