Bloom’s Taxonomy – Make it really work in your classroom

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In this Training Experience

Would you like to move the learning and teaching in your classroom from predominantly developing lower order thinking skills to mainly mastering higher order thinking skills? Would you like your learners to remember concepts with understanding, to apply their learning in new situations, to analyse processes and evidence with confidence, to evaluate outcomes competently, to draw conclusions supported by evidence and research, and to create new models, ideas and resources?

Join our Training Experience and make Bloom’s Taxonomy really work in your classroom. In this course you will develop techniques and strategies that will lift your practice and your learners’ skills up the Bloom’s Taxonomy ladder. Put in place processes and learning journeys that will encourage your students to think independently and critically. Learn how and why effective learning is so closely linked to effective questioning that keeps learners engaged and wanting to find out more. Develop lessons that offer opportunities to master the whole of Bloom’s Taxonomy and not just the lower levels.

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