Assessment for Learning

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In this Training Experience

Do you want to help your learners to assess their own learning progress and to understand the next steps and how best to get there? Do you want them to be able to critically evaluate their own work and that of their peers forming constructive judgements that will help them make progress? Do you want them to be able to employ a range of learning strategies independently and to evaluate their learning outcomes and apply them to new situations?

Join our Training Experience and see how Assessment for Learning can truly move your learners forward to achieve their goals and achieve better results. We will show you effective Formative Assessment Strategies and Techniques to engage your students in self- and peer-assessment that will really boost their confidence and understanding. You will be equipped with skills that will enable you to develop more independent learners who are able to make informed and effective choices about the way they learn, and how they review their learning outcomes and strategies in order to demonstrate real progress.

Our experienced trainers will come to your school and, starting from where you are, they will take you and your learners on a journey of engaging and empowering assessment strategies. So, let us know what your needs are by sending an email using the form below.


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