Thinking Skills

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We offer a number of Training Experiences focused on developing thinking that will transform your students’ learning experiences and turn them into more independent learners. Our trainers are leading experts in a number of Thinking Skills Strategies and Frameworks and they will lead your school through a journey that will enhance your learners’ ability to work independently and interdependently. In this fast changing world the people who will be more employable will be those who have developed the ability to maximise their thinking skills and who can adapt to growing demands and new roles. Developing learners’ thinking skills should be the most urgent priority of any school, as that will not only make your students more confident and engaged in their own education, but it will improve their skills in all other areas of the curriculum, from Literacy to Numeracy, etc.

Join our Thinking Skills Training Experiences and give your school the edge in innovation, creativity and performance!

Find a Training Experience that meets your needs below, or get in contact with us and tell us exactly what your school needs, so we can plan collaboratively for the best-fit training delivered directly in your school.

Training ExperienceCourse Description
Assessment for LearningYou've probably heard lots about AfL and you have tried a few things. Join our Training Experience and see effective AfL in action. Transform your classroom practice and develop truly inspiring ways to engage your learners in their own education.
Bloom's Taxonomy - Make it really work in your classroomJoin out Training Experience and make Bloom's Taxonomy change your learners' achievement and understanding. Dig deeper into their cognitive potential to derive better learning.
Effective Learning through Discussions and DebateDiscussions and debates are two forms of learning techniques as old as civilisation and when planned and carried out well they are incredibly powerful! Join our Training Experience to embed these tools effectively in your teaching.
Effective Questioning for Deeper LearningCome and learn how effective questioning techniques can truly transform your learners' understanding and thinking.
Mind Mapping for Deeper LearningMind Mapping is one of the most effective and proven techniques to achieve deeper learning and higher order thinking skills. So, join our Training Experience to learn how to maximise the power of this process in your classroom.
SOLO TaxonomyCome and learn how to effectively use the SOLO Taxonomy in your classroom to move your learners forward and to tangibly demonstrate progress.
TASC FrameworkThinking Actively in a Social Context (TASC) is one of the best frameworks to develop truly independent and more mature learners. Come and join our TASC Specialists in this amazing and life changing Training Experience.
Thinking Skills Strategies for Deeper LearningThis Training Experience will equip you and your learners with a toolkit of proven and highly effective strategies and tools to develop thinking in your classroom.

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