Digital Mind Mapping for Deeper Learning

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In this Training Experience

Do your learners struggle to revise using ineffective study techniques? Would you like to see them reach deeper levels of thinking and retention? Wouldn’t it be great if they could link difficult concepts and make inferences with confidence and competence?

There are many mind-mapping tools available and many study techniques, but in this Training Experience we will share Mind Mapping techniques that can develop learners’ minds into mature think-tanks. We will then introduce the most powerful Mind-mapping digital tools that will make the process easy, quick and enjoyable for all your learners, even those who do not particularly like drawing. Mind Mapping is an ideal tool for consolidating understanding and for revising topics to reach deeper learning. Being able to Mind-map effectively is one of the most powerful techniques you can equip your learners with! Join us in this great course to see the most effective ways to Mind Map!

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