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Are you tired of collecting innumerable versions of the same spread-sheet from the members of your department to record learners’ progress? Have you dreamed of being able to monitor the performance of your department at a glance and of being up-to-date with the attainment of every student in your subject? Would you like to have systems in place that keep parents informed without you having to raise a finger to notify them? Are you spending hours analysing your department’s results to present the information in a professional way to your Headteacher, while you are thinking “There must be a quicker way!”?

The good news is that there is a quicker way, and in our ‘Cloud Reporting’ Training Experience we will show you Web 2.0 tools on the cloud that can save you lots of time. We will empower you and your department with effective processes that allow everyone to upload their pupils’ data simultaneously and hold everyone accountable. Finally, we will teach you how to use functions in Excel that will make your data analysis dead-easy and quick, but that at the same time will display your results effectively and professionally. We will show you how you can get Excel to tell you essentially anything you want from your learners’ data and give you powerful tools to plan intervention and targets really effectively.

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