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We offer a number of Training Experiences focused on Digital Transformation of your students’ learning experiences. We harness the power and efficiency of existing emerging technologies to enable your pupils to become more independent learners and you to become more effective and efficient educators. We start from the pedagogy of best practice and introduce a range of tools and strategies that can truly inspire and engage learners and teachers alike.

We need to educate a generation of young adults who are able to adapt and respond effectively to change. We need to help our learner to shift paradigm and become creators of knowledge, rather than consumers of knowledge. Our wide range of Digital Transformation Training Experiences do just that!

Find a Training Experience that meets your need below, or get in contact with us and tell us exactly what your school needs, so we can plan collaboratively for the best fit training delivered directly in your school.


Training ExperienceCourse Description
Class Blogging - A Creative Literacy FactoryFrom setting up you class blog to improving literacy through engaging blogging journeys, we will take you all the way to success
Cloud LearningWho said learning can and should only happen within four walls? Come and fly with us higher than the clouds to give the edge to your learners in this digital age and extend their experiences outside the classroom
Cloud Reporting This Training Experience will give you a set of killer tools and strategies to make your department super efficient and collaborative
Collaborative Learning Learning together is not only more fun, but also more effective. Come and find out the ultimate collaborative tools and techniques to engage your learners any time and any where
Computing in SchoolWhether you teach Primary, Secondary, or A-level pupils, we have the perfect Training Experience for you! We will show you how by adopting computing and programming in your subject you will transform the learning experiences of your students
Digital Assessment Assessment doesn't have to be a boring and laborious task! Join us in this Training Experience and we will help you develop strategies and processes that will save you time and effort using powerful and free tools
Digital Leaders Are you and/or your colleagues overwhelmed by technology and the pace at which it changes? The chances are your learners are not! Come and see how to set up effective young Digital Leaders to lift the whole school's ICT agenda to a higher level.
Game based learning You might have heard a lot about Game-based Learning recently, but how can you make it really work in your classroom? Join us in this exciting Training Experience to explore really effective ways to learn through games.
Improving your department's efficiencyWe are passionate about collaboration and making processes efficient and less onerous. So join us in this journey where you will transform the way you and your colleagues work. Save hours of your time and improve each others' productivity.
iPad IntegrationIn this Training Experience we will explore proven ways to integrate iPads in your pupils' learning experiences starting from the principles of best practice.
Literacy Through e-Bookse-Books have the potential to give your learners a platform to develop their literacy skills in creative and engaging ways. Come and see how a range of tools and techniques can be used to give your pupils a real passion for writing
Digital Mind Mapping for Deeper LearningThere are many mind mapping tools out there, but it is the process that can truly cause your learners' minds to blossom into mature thinking tanks. Join us in this great course to see the most effective ways to Mind Map and the best tools to make the process even more efficient and creative
Mobile LearningLearners should be given the opportunity to learn anywhere and any time! Join our Training Experience to develop a viable solution to this controversial dilemma
Social NetworkingWhat part is social media playing in your professional development and in your school's daily business? We will help you set up effective processes to harness the potential of these powerful tools
Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLE)Come and explore with us ways to free your learners from dependence on rote learning and help them organise their own learning environment, whether as a physical space, a virtual platform, or both.
The Flipped ClassroomHow can you make better use of your contact time? Come and explore with us effective ways to flip your classroom and make better and more meaningful learning activities work in your school
Web 2.0 IntegrationThere are hundreds of great tools available, but we will start from the pedagogy to integrate them into your teaching in order to give the best learning experiences to your students.

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