Comparing the old and new Science Curriculum in England

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With the “gap” year off the curriculum to give schools time to review their existing provision and adapt their curriculum with the now published Curriculum 2014 that will become statutory from September 2014 I thought Heads of Science would find comparing the old with the new useful. So, I have created two grids that put side by side the old and new science curriculum. One grid looks at Working Scientifically and it is nice to notice that descriptions have changed to include some of the terminology recommended by the ASE, like “Repeatability”. The other grid compares the range in the subject orders. The startling difference is in the detail. In fact, the new curriculum seems to be a lot more prescriptive and detailed. Whether this is a good, or bad, thing I leave for you to comment at the end of this post.

You can download the two grids in the two links below. These grids refer to the changes to the KS3 Science Curriculum.

 Working Scientifically

Subjects Range

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