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Whether you are a small business, or a large company with many employees, we can help you and your staff to maximise your most important assets – people! We are experts in delivering efficient, innovative and creative solutions that make full use of the unemployed potential in any situation.

What we can offer!

– We can help you business become more efficientMoney bag

– We can help your staff to work collaboratively and as part of a team, rather than in competition with each other

– We can help different teams in your business to manage projects and deliver truly creative and innovative solutions and new products with our powerful tools for thinking and for decision making

– We can set your business up in the Social Media world and help you achieve maximum visibility and engagement within your sector and beyond

– We are great listeners and we will develop a programme of training for your staff that is tailored to your needs


Why don’t you contact us by sending an email using the form below, or directly at

If your business works in partnership with other companies, we have some really interesting and cost effective  solutions for you, so talk  to us today to increase your revenue tomorrow!



Why should you trust us?

We have delivered highly effective programmes in 12 countries worldwide and have worked with high profile clients, including The British Council. We have extensive experience in evaluating large international projects, including programmes rolled out at national level and across a number of different countries. The Mexican Academy of Science commented on our work in these terms “We really enjoyed working with the CollaboratEd team, particularly with Alessio and Colin. The Mexican Academy of Science is fully satisfied with the services offered by CollaboratEd. In our opinion they were a very professional group and their evaluation was the result of a careful work in every way. We hope to have the possibility to work with them in other projects”The British Council also commented on our work by saying Collaborated has worked for us in the evaluation of teaching of mathematics with apps.  A very complex topic that required an innovative project to be developed in a short timeline.  We needed a provider that could be innovative and flexible, while securing outcomes would be accomplished and research and impact evaluation would add value to the whole project. Collaborated proved to be this kind of provider.